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Innovative Designs for Sustainable Living

Solar Panel System Installation in Kansas City


Innovative Designs for Sustainable Living

Solar Panel System Installation in Kansas City


Residential Solar Installation

Solar systems work for all types and sizes of homes. Everyone can benefit from the energy savings and financial stability provided by a solar system!

At SunSource, we specialize in construction that intelligently addresses energy consumption, conservation, and energy production. By focusing on these aspects and collaborating closely with you, our team will produce cost-effective, energy-efficient results for your building!

Commercial Solar Installation

Solar systems on commercial properties can help reduce your ongoing operations costs, add to your bottom line, boost property value, and provide a marketing edge over your competition!

Residential Energy Storage

Energy storage options offer you a backup energy supply in case of emergency, and freedom from the grid.

Residential Net Zero Design & Build

Looking for a home that is all yours? That is a bright, vibrant, healthy space? A home that has very low energy and maintenance costs? That’s exactly what we do!

Commercial Net Zero Design & Build

A distinct workspace designed around you and your team. We work closely with you, your building site, and our team to create an energizing and vibrant space for you to create whatever is your passion!

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“SunSource Homes was very friendly, and super-knowledgeable. They walked us through the application process, tax/loan system, and steps of installation, and presented us with option to reach our "energy-efficiency" goals. The construction team was very friendly, timely, and professional; they respected our time and property, and did a great install that I'm proud to see from the street. I highly recommend SunSource Homes to anyone looking to add solar energy to their home or business.”
-Nicholas Turner, April 2018, Facebook Review
“We have been thoroughly impressed with our solar panel project that we purchased from SunSource homes. The initial bid price was very accurate, and the system is generating enough power to offset our entire electric bill just as advertised. Their pricing was competitive with other providers. SunSource's professionalism is a rare find in the construction world, and I appreciate their dedication to doing things the right way.”
-Jeff Wolff, March 2018, Facebook Review
“We tell people who inquire about our solar panels that SunSource folks were some of the most professional, easy-to-work-with contractors we've ever had for ANY job. And our electricity bill is gone. Woohoo! Thanks, SunSource.”
–Misty McNally, December 2017, Facebook Review Solar PV Power Systems
“Couldn't be happier with our Solar installation! Every employee was fantastic to work with and exceeded our expectations.”
–Charlie Brown, December 2017, Facebook Review Solar PV Power Systems
“Sun Source has top of the line products and service. The advisors are so honest and trustworthy, and were always able to answer our questions. We were skeptical, but then we saw how much we could save! Highly recommend!”
–Jaki Ahlemeyer, October 2017
“Keith came by and offered to take a look at our roof and put together a plan and a couple weeks after that we had solar panels. Keith took care of everything. Keith and Sunsource were considerate of all of our future construction options and asked if there was anything that we wanted to change. The unseen benefit is that you feel good, you feel like you're doing some good in the world just by how you get your power.”
Mike George- Cafe Gratitude
“I'll receive my investment turnaround in December and will have an 85-90 percent savings on electricity. It's a great system and Keith at Sunsource is terrific and very trustworthy. I'm very satisfied with Sunsource and can't say enough good things about them.”
Kansas City Area SunSource Customer