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Your new home filled with vibrant spaces, beautiful material, all powered by renewable energy.

Net Zero Home Plans

We offer net zero home plans in a variety of styles. From modern to traditional, we have one that’s perfect for you.


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Hundreds of thousands in savings

When the savings from energy efficiency and long-lifespan/low-maintenance materials choices are combined you will be surprised by the amount of the savings. Over a 25-year period these savings can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Your life, your space!

Our goal for all of our clients is to have the end result be a beautiful, energy-efficient, funtional home that is designed around the way you live your life! Everyone is different, so are our projects!

We help guide our clients to pick materials and key design elements that have very low maintenance costs over a lifetime. Key choices can result in enormous savings over the life of the home.

Energy Efficient Materials

Material choices alone can cut 50% or more off of the energy costs of your home. Making the right choices on energy efficiency can have a great impact on your family’s financial security. We help guide you through these choices!

Low Maintenance

Net Zero construction goal

Our goal for all of our projects is Net-Zero! That means that the final home design will produce as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. We feel this should be the new home design requirement for modern times.

High Quality Construction

Your foundation, structure, roofing, and siding materials must all function well for your building to have a long and happy life! We focus on material and design choices that should last generations, with little to no maintenance. Minimum industry standards are never used here!

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