Commercial Net Zero Design Build

Servicing Kansas City, St. Louis, Southern Illinois, Des Moines, Denver, Fort Myers & Surrounding Areas

Beautiful and efficient spaces designed to facilitate productivity and creativity, all while adding significant savings on your buildings operations and maintenance costs.

High Quality Construction

Operating and Maintenance costs can really eat into any company budget. One of the key factors in keeping those costs low are the quality of your system components. We focus on choosing the right parts that will perform for decades with little to no maintenance or replacement costs. This adds thousands to your bottom line.

Energy costs for a building can take a large toll on profitability. Imagine the option of not having to pay them every month! Our team can make that a reality for you. Total energy costs over a 15-year period can easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. For commercial property owners that translate into higher profit and a higher Net Operating Income.

Hundreds of thousands
of $$$ in savings


Net Zero construction, producing as much as it consumes.

Net Zero construction is our design goal. Owning a building that produces as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis can have amazing benefits. The savings accumulated over the life of the building can easily exceed the value of the entire building itself!

Designed with you in mind

Every business is unique and so is how you use your space. We focus on producing a design that is not only energy efficient, but beautiful and inspiring as well. We work carefully with your team to produce a space that matches how your company functions.


Marketing Advantages

Studies have shown that customer/clients are becoming more inclined to do business with companies that take sustainability seriously. Having visible solar energy production as part of your building design can attract more interest from prospective clients.

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