SunSource + Battery Tour

A better world through SOLAR ENERGY

More energy. More good in the world.

Support a Battery Tour Sunshine Box when you go solar with SunSource!

What is the battery tour?

The Battery Tour is a grassroots organization based in Kansas City, who uses the universal language of music and dance as a vehicle to build a community that connects cultures and generations to advance sustainable energy efforts. SunSource has teamed up with the Battery Tour to raise funds to send solar powered batteries to developing countries.

What’s a Sunshine Box?

In mobile-first developing countries, people sometimes have to walk hours just to charge their phones. The Sunshine Box gives the power of the sun to those who need it most.

How can you help?

You can join with SunSource and the Battery tour to help spread eco-friendly energy solutions throughout your nearby community, and to the global community beyond.

Go solar. You win. The Battery Tour wins. The world wins.

You won’t be the only one to reap the amazing benefits of solar when you put SunSource solar panels on your home or business – SunSource will contribute $500 to the Battery Tour. Just request your free quote, and be sure to let us know that you want to support the Battery Tour with your system! You’ll received a detailed analysis of how solar can save you lots of money, and when you go solar, the Battery Tour will receive contributions toward another Sunshine Box.


If you’re not ready to go solar yourself, you can still make a contribution on the Battery Tour website.

Would you like to start a solar fundraiser?

Learn how you can encourage the adoption of solar and raise money for your cause.

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