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Solar systems on commercial properties can help reduce your ongoing operations costs, add to your bottom line, boost property value, and provide a marketing edge over your competition!

Reduce Operations Costs

What if you could lock in the price of gas from 20 years ago? Would you?
Of course! Paying $1.10 forever would be a dream come true.

That’s what you do when you go solar. You lock your energy bill down and are no longer subjected to rate increases.

Maximize Savings with Energy Storage

Energy storage can bring security to your business and your bottom line. You want your mission critical items such as servers and computers to be able to function no matter what. We can design and install a system to keep you up and running through any power outage.

Control when and where you use your energy with the sonnenBatterie eco system.

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commercial energy storage

Add to Your Bottom Line

Adjust your total monthly energy cost below to see your savings

*This is based on a conservative energy inflation rate of 3% per year


Property Value

Most commercial properties are valued based on their Net Operating Income (NOI). A solar system can add tens of thousands of $$$ to your NOI and boost your property value considerably. Buyers looking for standard commercial/office space are also willing to pay more for property that has significantly less overhead costs.

Gain Your Marketing Edge

Green is the new Black! Over the last few years, more and more people are interested in supporting businesses that are aware of their environmental impact. Advertising that your company is powered by clean renewable energy will improve your reputation with the public and can result in more sales for your company.

Get high quality,
efficient equipment

Operating and Maintenance costs can really eat into any company budget. One of the key factors in keeping those costs low are the quality of your system components. We focus on choosing the right parts that will perform for decades with little to no maintenance or replacement costs. This adds thousands to your bottom line.

Use the FEMA recommended Enphase Energy System

String Inverter System vs. Enphase Energy System

Think of solar panels like bulbs in a string of holiday lights. In conventional inverter systems, when one panel fails, the whole system goes out. Or when one panel’s output drops — thanks to fallen leaves, a passing cloud, or some other unavoidable factor — the system’s overall performance drops to match that lowest-performing panel. With microinverters, each panel operates independently. So no matter what happens to any one panel, the rest of your system keeps shining bright.  |  Learn more about Enphase inverters

Be in Control with
Data Monitoring

All of our solar systems are designed with the ability to individually monitor each and every panel in the solar array. This allows us to stay on top of any issues that may come up over the years for all of our past customers. Real-time data monitoring can save thousands of dollars over the life of a solar system. The monitoring provides our customers with the peace-of-mind of knowing they are getting the return on their investment.

Take Back
Your Taxes

There is a 30% Federal tax credit for all project costs associated with solar power projects until 2020! These tax credits can be used immediately or spread out over several years. This helps significantly boost the ROI of your solar project.

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