333 SW Boulevard
Kansas City, MO 64108

Solution Type

Solar PV Power Systems

Annual Savings


System Specs:

40 REC Solar Modules @ 245-watts each.

245 X 40 = 9,800 watts = 9.8kW Solar PV System

System provides a monthly average of 1,170 kW-Hrs of power.

Real-time data monitoring of each individual solar module.

Cafe Gratitude KC

From the Client:

Keith came by and offered to take a look at our roof and put together a plan and a couple weeks after that we had solar panels. Keith took care of everything. Keith and Sunsource were considerate of all of our future construction options and asked if there was anything that we wanted to change. The unseen benefit is that you feel good, you feel like you’re doing some good in the world just by how you get your power.

The Challenge

Keeping with the spirit of their focus on serving their customers sustainably grown local organic food Cafe Gratitude was looking for a sustainable solution to their power consumption. They wanted to offset as much of their power use as possible with clean solar power.

The Solution

We designed a ballasted solar system that maximized the use of the space that was available on the roof. A ballasted racking system is designed to not require the use of anchors that would penetrate through the roof membrane. This ensures there are no issues with roof leaks in the future.