Commercial Energy
in Kansas City

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Keeping your business running without interruptions can be critical for many companies. Power interruptions can not only damage your bottom line, they can damage your reputation. Whether you have critical loads such as servers and phone systems, or you just need the whole building to keep running in a power outage we have solutions for you!

Avoid Demand Charges

Some power companies have Demand charges and Time Of Use charges that add $$$ to your power bills. Our energy storage systems will offset those charges. Have us look at your power bills to see how you can start saving money today!

Get Critical Backup Power

Never worry about outages again! Keep your business going with your own battery backup. SunSource has multiple energy solution options so you can choose the one most suitable for your needs. Store, automate, and manage your energy usage. Get control of your energy bill!

Outback Power EnergyCell

The EnergyCell RE high capacity battery system’s AGM technology incorporates an enhanced cell design with a superior racking system. The enhanced cell incorporates thicker positive plates for longer life. The welded/epoxy dual post seal design provides the highest integrity seal in the industry. The large copper post design also enhances the high rate performance.

sonnenBatterie pro

The sonnenBatterie pro offers maximum self-sufficiency, capacity and performance. It operates with larger photovoltaic systems and is therefore suitable for commercial buildings with large solar arrays. Thanks to the integrated energy manager with weather forecasting and estimated charging behavior, your company can achieve efficient and transparent supply of clean power at all times.

Modular Design

Professional Power Data Analysis

Want to do some now, and add later? Not a problem! Our systems are designed to be modular. If you need/want more storage in the future it’s easy and affordable to add on to your existing system.


As part of our diagnostic process for our commercial customers, we can install sophisticated power use data collection monitors on your electric power service. The data is logged in real time for a period of 1-3 months. When data collection is complete we can provide a detailed analysis of potential savings from peak shaving and demand avoidance.