Solar 101: Can I Afford to Go Solar?

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Can I afford to go solar?

Can you afford your monthly electricity bill? Then you can probably afford to go solar! In years past, solar was a big up-front investment, and only those with large sums of cash to invest could go solar.

These days, things are different! With available low-interest and zero-down financing options, most homeowners can go solar with no out-of-pocket expenses. Whether your property is urban, suburban or rural, converting to solar is affordable, and will provide you savings in the long run.

Financing a Solar System Basics:

  • Most homeowners can go solar without spending a penny up-front.
  • SunSource offers a variety of financing options. We offer low-interest, and even zero-down financing options!
  • We help you navigate the 30% federal tax credit, and any local incentives you might be eligible for, helping you meet your financial goals!
  • We’ll help you get the most of Missouri Solar Rebates or Illinois SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits).
  • We aim to offset your energy bill 100%.  Our goal is for you  to pay $0 in energy bills.
  • The solar system payment REPLACES the electricity bill, and your new payment is usually about the same as the electricity bill it replaces. While you’re paying for the system, your budget won’t change much. Some months you may pay a little more, other months you’ll receive a credit.
  • When you buy a solar system, you stop paying rent to the electricity provider, and start paying for a valuable asset. Ask yourself, ten years from now, would you rather own your own power source that increases your property value, or would you rather be paying the utility company with no end in sight?
  • Energy costs will rise, but your solar system payment will remain the same. That means that when rates go up, you’ll be grateful for your fixed payment that doesn’t rise with energy inflation. We provide a detailed analysis of your projected saving based on conservative estimates. Instead of paying for electricity, you can use that money for something more valuable to you.

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“Ok, you convinced me I can afford to go solar. But why should I?

The advantages of going solar fall into two categories: the financial benefits, and the positive impact on the environment.

Solar is a wise investment with an impressive rate of return.

Most people who go solar are primarily motivated by the financial benefits – and who could blame them?

  • Solar saves homeowners tens of thousands of dollars.
  • The systems are maintenance-free, with full, 25-year equipment warranties, backed by a 25-year workmanship warranty from SunSource.*
  • Studies have shown that solar systems increase property value, and not only that, homes with solar sell much quicker.
  • The average payback is about 8-12 years. We’ll calculate exactly when you can expect your system to pay for itself with its savings. Why not use that money to pay for your solar system instead of a never-ending electric bill?
  • *25-year residential warranty. 5-year residential warranty for Florida installations. 5-year warranty for commercial installs in all locations.

Solar is clean, renewable energy that will help secure our planet’s health for the future.

  • The average Midwestern home burns about 10,000 pounds of coal each year.
  • Coal is a limited resource, meaning electric prices will continue to increase.
  • We encourage you to submit a free, easy, solar quote request. On the confirmation page, you’ll find links to the EPA website, where you can calculate many ways that converting to solar will reduce your carbon footprint.


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