Solar 101: How Much Can I Save with Solar Panels?

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How Much Can Solar Panels Save Me?

Our most commonly asked question is also our favorite to answer! It’s always fun to save someone lots of money while doing something kind for the environment. This calculator shows a general example of how much installing a solar energy system could save you.

Energy Savings!

Please adjust your total monthly energy cost below:

*This is based on a conservative energy inflation rate of 3% per year

As with most construction projects, solar systems are not one size fits all. Various factors affect the up-front costs and long-term payback. But don’t worry, all those numbers and more can be calculated with just a little knowledge about your home.

SunSource Customer’s Electricity Bill after Installing Solar

To calculate an accurate savings forecast, the following factors must be accounted for :

  • Amount of electricity used by the home.
  • Available roof space, its pitch (the angle of the roof), and it’s position in relation to the sun.
    (Hint: South-facing roofs are best for solar, but great systems can also be designed using east- and west-facing roof space, as well as ground mounts!)
  • Obstructions such as nearby trees, other buildings, street lamps, etc.
  • Your local electric company’s rates.
  • System and installation costs. With available financing, most households have no up-front costs, and can start saving immediately.
  • Geographical and weather factors affecting sun exposure.

You can see that to calculate accurate numbers for you, we need to know where you are and how much energy you use. Once we have that information, we design a system for your home, calculate your costs and savings, and get that information back to you so you can start saving. The whole process is quick and easy!

How much will YOU save when you go solar?
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