KCP&L Solar Rebates in Missouri

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Solar rebates are back!

*Update: As of 12/4/18, all Ameren and KCP&L GMO (Rural) rebates have been claimed. Empire Electric and KCP&L Missouri (KC Area) still have remaining rebate money available.

Get a solar system now and save thousands of dollars on the installation. Rebate funds are limited! First come, first serve!

OCTOBER 12, 2018 –  Thanks to new legislation passed in May 2018, Missouri residents who are customers of *KCP&L can enjoy the conversion to solar at an even more affordable rate.  This legislation also applies to customers of *Ameren and Empire Electric.

For solar systems turned on between January 1st to June 30th ,2019, rebates will be paid out at $.50 per watt. After July 1st, 2019, rebates will be paid out at $.25 per watt until all funds are depleted.  To put the rebate amount in perspective, if a homeowner or business installs a 10 kW system they will receive $5000 in rebate money!

In years past solar rebates have gone fast. So if you want to go solar you should call SunSource Homes now! We’ll walk you through the process you can enjoy those savings. Don’t wait too late and risk being left out.

Why should I switch to solar power now?

  • KCP&L will pay YOU to switch. 
    KCP&L believes in the good of solar power and has therefore incentivized converting by participating in the solar rebate program. After your system is activated in 2019, they will send you a check for your rebate amount at a rate of $.50/installed watt of solar power for systems turned on before June 30, 2019, and $.25/watt for activated systems thereafter.
    However, KCP&L only has $8 million available. After the threshold is reached, rebates will stop.
  • The federal government will also pay you to switch.
    In addition to the Missouri rebates, residential customers may also be eligible for a federal tax credit.
    Thirty percent of the cost of installation for your solar system will be deducted from your federal taxes. So, if your installation cost $30,000, then you can claim a $9,000.00 tax credit when you file your Federal Income Taxes.
    >>>Find out if you would qualify for the Federal Rebate
  • The long-term savings from solar is huge.
    The average household can expect a savings of around $50,000 over 25 years. Please note that the output from each system will be different. In order to know for sure what you will save you should get a custom quote.
    >>>Learn How to Choose A Company You Can Trust

How to Apply for KCP&L’s Solar Rebates

  • Make sure you’re rebate ready.
    You must be a Missouri customer of KCP&L (*Ameren customers and those residing in the Empire Electric area also have rebates available to them). Both residential and commercial customers are eligible.
  • Be sure your property is solar-compatible.
    Request a free, no-obligation proposal to determine your needs and roof space. Your

    proposal will include all the information you need to determine if solar is a smart financial decision for you.

  • Schedule your installation.
    While rebates will only be available when a system is activated on or after January 1st, 2019, you can be proactive and already have your system ready to go. We recommend getting ahead of the curve and having your installation done as soon as possible in order to secure your place in line for rebates.


  • We’ll take care of the red tape
    KCP&L has a 9-step process to be approved for their rebate. While rebates will not be awarded until after the beginning of 2019, KCP&L’s rebate application process opens Monday, October 15, 2018. So if you plan to get a system installed, you should fill out a rebate application and jumpstart the process. If you start now, you could have the approval for your rebate before your system is even operational!
    After the system is installed & inspected, customers will receive their quoted rebate amount.
    >>>Read More About the KCP&L Rebate Process

Funds are limited so these rebates won’t last. If you are interested you should get your free, no-obligation solar proposal today!

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