Lone Jack, MO

Solution Type

Solar PV Power Systems

Annual Savings


System Specs:

88 Suniva Monocrystalline Solar Modules @ 265-watts each.

265 X 88 = 23,320 watts = 23.32kW Solar PV System

System provides a monthly average of 3,050 kW-Hrs of power.

Real-time data monitoring of each individual solar module.

Vaughn Residence

The Challenge

The Vaughn’s were looking reduce their utility bills by a few thousand dollars a year. They were interested in Solar PV as a solution. They did not have the space to install the solar panels on the roof. They did not want to use any of the yard areas near the house for the solar array either.

The Solution

We decided to utilize the area at the back of their pasture 500ft to the North of the house. This kept the solar array back in the unused portion of the property. It will offset the majority of the power consumption of the property.