Solution Type

Solar PV Power Systems

System Specs:

The total system size installed was 62.98kW
The system is comprised of 188 LG 335 Watt solar panels.
Each panel is fitted with a FEMA recommended Enphase IQ6+ microinverter.

Oak Ridge Apartments in Ames, IA

The Challenge

Keith Denner of Oak Ridge Apartments had started his solar project with another solar installer long before SunSource became involved. But the other company was ill-equipped to install, and a year later, the project was still incomplete. Frustrated, Keith Denner called SunSource to finish the installation.

The End Result

“SunSource was able to do in 90 days what the other company couldn’t do in a year!” – Keith Denner

SunSource started fresh, and expertly installed the Oak Ridge Apartments’ solar arrays quickly and professionally.