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Harrisonville, MO 64701

Solution Type

Solar PV Power Systems

Annual Savings


System Specs:

104 REC Solar Modules @ 245-watts each.

245 X 104 = 25,480 watts = 25.48kW Solar PV System

System provides a monthly average of 3,120 kW-Hrs of power.

Real-time data monitoring of each individual solar module.

Leidig Residence

The Challenge

The large amount of home energy use and the continually rising costs of electricity were of concern for the Leidig family. They were wanting to offset as close to 100% of their power use as they could. They had lots of open land and plenty of Missouri sunshine!

The Solution

We designed a ground-mount solar system that would provide as close to 100% of their annual power use as possible. The array was located on a section of their property that would not interfere with daily activities. At the customers request we designed the system so that it can be easily expanded in the future without any additional extensive electrical work. The transmission line is sized to handle an expansion of the system by up to 30% if needed.