806 Canter St.
Raymore, MO 64083

Solution Type

Solar PV Power Systems

Annual Savings


System Specs:

71 REC Solar Modules @ 245-watts each.

245 X 71 = 17,395 watts = 17.39kW Solar PV System

System provides a monthly average of 1,762 kW-Hrs of power.

Real-time data monitoring of each individual solar module.

Bruton Residence

The Challenge

The Bruton family had a goal of wiping out 100% of their electric bills. They did not want to worry about the continually rising electric rates. They wanted to know if it was possible in the home that they owned. They did not have room for a ground-mount solution so they asked us to look at the roof area they had to work with.

The Solution

After measuring up the home roof areas we constructed a 3D model in Revit, an advanced architectural software program that lets us model the home in extreme detail. We figured out the areas that were available to fit the maximum number of solar modules. We utilized all the available south-facing roof space first. We then moved on to the east and west facing roof areas. We showed them the calculations of the power production for each roof area. After the tax credits and KCPL Solar Rebate, they ended up with a system that had a 3-year payback! They are now happily living on 100% solar power in Raymore, MO.