Ameren Solar Rebates in Missouri

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OCTOBER 12, 2018 – Thanks to legislation passed in May 2018, Missouri’s solar rebates are back! Customers of Ameren can now get the solar systems they always wanted at a price they only dreamed about.

Starting January 1st, 2019, any system that is activated can receive up to $.50/watt as a rebate. Anyone who activates their system after June 30th, 2019 can receive up to $.25/watt.

Three Missouri companies are participating in this incentive: Ameren, KCP&L, and Empire Electric.

These rebates have a cap and, historically, have not lasted very long. So if you have been thinking of going solar, the opportunity is ripe for picking.

Update: As of 12/4/18, all Ameren and KCP&L GMO (Rural) Missouri solar rebates have been claimed. Empire Electric and KCP&L Missouri (KC Area) still have remaining rebate money available.

Why should I switch to solar power now?

  • Ameren will pay you for going solar. 
  • After you activate your system, Ameren will send you a check for your quoted rebate amount based on the rates stated above. But be aware, there is only $8 million available. Once the cap is reached, the rebate program ends. Translation: don’t wait and miss out!
  • The federal government has also promised to pay.
    For residential customers, the federal government will deduct 30% of the cost of installing your solar system from your federal taxes. That means that if your installations cost a total of $30,000, then you can claim a $9,000.00 tax credit when you file your Federal Income Taxes. How great is that? (We’ll answer for you. It’s pretty great.)
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  • Think long game: Your savings will be huge.
    The average household can expect a savings of around $50,0000 over 25 years. Now, this is simply an average. The output from each system will be different. To know for sure what you will save you should contact us for a custom quote.
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How to Get in on Ameren’s Solar Rebates

  • Get rebate ready.
    It’s really easy. All you have to do is install solar and be a Missouri customer of Ameren (Empire Electric and KCP&L customers also have rebates

    available to them). Both residential and commercial customers are eligible.
  • Make sure your home is solar compatible. 
    Request a free, no-obligation proposal to find out your energy needs and roofing space. Your proposal will also include all the information you need to determine if solar power is right for your property.
  • Schedule your installation.
    As we mentioned before, these rebates won’t last. So get ahead of the game! The process to installing solar takes a few steps. Your property will need to be evaluated for solar compatibility,  your property will have to be made ready for installation (trees may need trimming, your structures may need extra support installed) so starting the process as soon as possible is in your best interest. Even if your system is installed ahead of time, you can opt to schedule your activation in 2019 so you’re rebate eligible.  This way you will maximize your place in line for solar rebates.


Rebate funds are limited. If you are interested you should get your free, no-obligation solar proposal today!

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