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RAYMORE, MO. – Homeowners in Raymore, MO are eligible to take advantage of a city-wide Group Buy from Nov. 1 – 29, 2017. The Raymore group discount (based on the number of participants) will be announced on Nov. 29.

Does your area have a SunSource Homes Group Buy available? Or are you interested in organizing a Group Buy for your neighborhood?

A SunSource Homes solar Group Buy is a valuable opportunity to save money on a home upgrade that will put money in homeowners’ pockets, and increase home values in your area.

Group Buy Advantages

Pay less for energy. Solar energy systems lower energy costs for years to come, often paying for themselves within 5 years. After the payoff period, the system simply puts money in your pocket, sometimes even paying you for energy produced!

Save on installation, along with your neighbors. The more homes that participate in a group buy, the more everyone saves installation of their solar energy systems. Group buys receive volume discounts and savings from having our crews in a concentrated in a location. We pass those savings on to you!

Increase your home’s value. Home values often increase, completely offsetting the price of the system installed. And when individual home values go up, the neighborhood’s overall value and appeal follow!

Learn about solar with your community. SunSource Homes conducts informational events, providing eligible homeowners the opportunity to learn about the benefits of solar energy, and answer questions.

Be a trendsetter. When one home adds solar panels, nearby neighbors are up to twice as likely to install solar panels as well. You’ll be setting the pace for a more sustainable environment with clean energy.

Organize a Group Buy

Contact a representative at SunSource Homes. We’ll set up an informational meeting, and help you reach out to your neighborhood to tell them about the opportunity.

Participate in a Group Buy

Request your proposal. Contact SunSource Homes for a free, detailed proposal with:

– Your proposed system
– A detailed analysis of your anticipated savings (12 months of energy bills are required for this purpose)
– Your anticipated cost

Choose your financing. A wide variety of financing options are available. From cash, to zero-down financing.

Sign your work order. Agree to participate in the Group Buy.

Find out your additional discount. In a recent neighborhood Group Buy for the Oaks Ridge Meadows HOA in Lee’s Summit, Mo., homeowners averaged an additional $5000 savings per installation! Your Group Buy will be given a date when the tier your Group Buy qualifies for is announced. Remember, the more people who sign up, the bigger your savings!

Get your system installed, and start saving! Our professional crews will install your neighborhood’s systems. You’ll love watching your energy usage plummet and your savings go up!

Get your free proposal now!