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5 Steps to Going Solar

STEP 1: You Contact Us

CONTACT US to request your fast, detailed and accurate quote.

Fill out our ONLINE QUOTE FORM or give us a call. Our crews install solar throughout the US with offices in Colorado, Missouri and Florida, so just contact the office closest to you, and we’ll help you get started.

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STEP 2: We Evaluate Your Home
You want accurate numbers right from the start.

To provide you a quick, detailed, no-obligation proposal, we need to get to know a little bit about you, your property and your electricity needs. Then we’ll calculate your system cost, your expected savings, and financing options for your system.

To prepare your quote, we’ll need:

1. Your 12-month electricity usage history. This is very easy to get from your utility company. We can even help you get this information.

2. Your property’s address so that we can evaluate your property remotely, using satellite imagery from Google Earth. Our software calculates your roof space and each surface’s solar exposure, telling us how many panels will be required to generate the amount of energy you need.

3. Information about your home, including square footage, current heating and cooling equipment, and your goals for going solar.

4. Your contact information, so we’ll know how to get your quote to you!

That’s it! Once we have your information, we’ll look at your property, run the numbers, and create your detailed proposal — usually in just a day or two.

“We have been thoroughly impressed with our solar panel project that we purchased from SunSource Homes. The initial bid price was very accurate with regard to the final installed price, and the system is generating enough power to offset our entire electric bill just as advertised. Their pricing was competitive with other providers.”

-Jeff Ward, SunSource Customer

STEP 3: You Learn How Much You'll Save
Now comes the fun part! Find out how much you can save, and how easy it is to go solar!

Your customized proposal contains all the details you need to make an informed decision. Our friendly, knowledgeable energy consultants will spend the time you need to understand the benefits of your proposed solar system, and to answer any questions you have.

Your proposal will show you:

The cost of your proposed solar system.

Available incentives. We’ll show how federal tax and other local incentives reduce the cost of your installation.

Your projected energy savings. Money talks. We’ll show you when your system will start paying you, and how much money you’ll save.

Your expected Return on Investment (ROI), or in other words, when your system will have paid for itself.

Financing Information. Whether you want to pay cash up front, or opt for one of our zero-down, low interest rate financing options, we’ll help you choose financing that’s right for you and your budget that will help you maximize the return on your investment!

“Sun Source has top of the line products and service. The advisers are so honest and trustworthy, and were always able to answer our questions. We were skeptical, but then we saw how much we could save! Highly recommend!

-Jaki Ahlemeyer, SunSource Customer


STEP 4: We Install Your System
Our experience is your advantage.

SunSource has been installing solar since 2011. Our professional customer care team and installers take care of all the details, from structural analysis of your home, permitting, integrating with your local electricity utility company’s net metering agreement, and more, our experienced team will button up the details with as little


From the electrician to the installation crew, everyone was very friendly, polite and took pride in their work. They made sure that every wire/conduit/panel was placed appropriately so as to not affect the aesthetics of our house. Would 100% recommend them to anyone considering the solar option.

-Mark Larsen, SunSource Customer

STEP 5: You Sit Back + Start Saving!

With our warranty and remote system monitoring, you never have to worry about your system. You can just sit back and count your savings!

Relax with our residential warranty that covers you for up to 25 years. If something goes wrong, we’ve got your back!

We monitor your system remotely to make sure it’s performing properly. If something causes part of your system to not perform at an optimal level, we’ll know right away! We will notify you and correct the issue. You never have to do anything!

One of our system’s components wasn’t working properly. SunSource called us to notify us of the issue, and had people out to fix it right away. I wouldn’t even have noticed anything was wrong! 

-Charlie Brown, SunSource Customer

We tell people who inquire about our solar panels that SunSource folks were some of the most professional, easy-to-work-with contractors we’ve ever had for ANY job. And our electricity bill is gone. Woohoo! Thanks, SunSource.

-Misty McNally, SunSource Customer

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Payback in 5 - 9 years

In most residential applications, our solar energy systems will generate enough savings to give our customer a payback period of 5-9 years. Larger systems will have a shorter payback period. The solar system produces energy which helps to offset or eliminate your home electric bills.

Return on Investment

For those people that are motivated by the hard bottom-line numbers, let’s talk about ROI (Return On Investment). Based on your final cost of the solar system, after all incentives, most of our customers will see a return of 11-20% per year. That is better than most other forms of investments. And best of all, Solar is an investment that comes with up to a 25-year warranty! Try getting that from your financial planner.

Our FEMA-Recommended Microinverter System

What makes ours better?

We trust only Enphase microinverters for optimal power production. Think of solar panels like bulbs in a string of holiday lights. In conventional inverter systems, when one panel fails, the whole system goes out. Or when one panel’s output drops — thanks to fallen leaves, a passing cloud, or some other unavoidable factor — the system’s overall performance drops to match that lowest-performing panel. With microinverters, each panel operates independently — so no matter what happens to any one panel, the rest of your system keeps shining bright.  |  Learn more

Energy Storage/Backup Power

Energy Storage and Backup Power are becoming a hot item lately! We can provide as much, or as little, energy storage as our clients need or want. We will work closely with you to determine what type of system is needed to accomplish your goals. The next time a storm knocks the power out you’ll be humming right along like nothing happened!

Integrated Project Management

Never Outsourced Only SunSource

We handle every aspect of your project in-house. Permitting, design, engineering, code-compliance, zoning — all issues can be handled from our office.

Most of our competitors use subcontractors, even for your actual installation!

We maintain control of all aspects of your project to ensure you get the highest quality.

Long-Term Financial Security

Almost everyone is concerned with their long-term financial security. A solar system can help elminate the constantly rising utility bills for your home. Many people experience their electric rates going up on an almost annual occurance. This can add up to a significant amount of money 10-15 years down the road. That frees up your financial resources for things that are more important for your family.

Energy Savings!

Please adjust your total monthly energy cost below:

*This is based on a conservative energy inflation rate of 3% per year

Federal Tax Credit

There is a 26% federal tax credit for all project costs associated with solar power projects! These tax credits can be used immediately or spread out over several years. This helps significantly boost the ROI of your solar project.